I have had 30 years experience in print design and I held the position of Art Director at Post Newsweek Tech Media, before I began a freelance career designing web sites.

I design sites for small businesses but also love designing sites for artists as well since I started out as a fine artist but became a designer as well. I wanted to help artist showcase their work in a professional way.

I love working with artists, looking at their work, and have a great affinity with them, because I’m an artist too.  I often find myself in the role of curator as I assist the artist with the best solutions for presenting their work on their website.

When I’m not designing websites, I spend time in my studio creating mixed media works on canvas and paper.  To visit my fine art website go to vpbledsoeart.com.

I credit the photographs taken on this page to my photographer and husband Gregory R. Staley.  Visit his website at grstaley.com.