Custom Sites

Here are some examples of custom websites that I’ve designed for clients.  You may find some elements from these sites that you want to use on your website.  Keep in mind, that I can’t duplicate the exact design of these sites for you, as these designs were customized for the particular client.  I also have other examples, should you wish to see more of my custom work.

This client wanted to display her art in separate categories based on medium with one category for “recent art.”  The site is easy to navigate because when you go to each art category, thumbnails of the art are arranged in a grid under her name, and a click on the thumbnail enlarges the piece.  On her homepage, there’s a revolving continuum of her art, with quotes (“pull quotes”) from her artist’s statement under each image.

Judy is a book artist and also a writer so her website features not only her art, but four stories she wrote on books.  I created a spare and minimalist design for her, including a logo at her request.  I laid out her stories in one broad column, with wide margins on either side—thus continuing the minimalism with lots of white space. She also wanted her cat featured as her studio assistant, and I found that a grid design of photos of her cat worked very well.

This site was created for a seller of Japanese Ceramics. The site is comprised of two sites in one. A gallery site and a shop where customers can purchase ceramics.

This client had a lot of content and different kinds of material besides images of her art.  For example, there’s a “Features” section which has a mixture of information, including, visuals of:  A collaborative painting project, a collaborative piece with a dancer, and visuals of articles or publications that feature her work.  We wanted to make sure all this information was easy to navigate.  The client also wanted a section for the  “classes,”  that she teaches  and to advertiser her upcoming  shows.

“I really felt that I was walking into a light filled house
with modern clean lines.”

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