The Process


Most clients who call me know very little about the process of creating a website, so I give you a brief education during our initial phone call.  I also ask about your expectations and discuss a budget. I’m then able to evaluate and advise you.

While many website builders, have lovely templates for websites, I’ve found that most of these templates are geared towards businesses and organizations, even photographers, but not artists.  This is why I created a sampling of templates customized especially for artists. So you can see something that might fit or be adapted to your needs.


I can assist you with deciding how you want your site structured, but this is where you do most of the work. Take a look at some of my template websites and the custom-designed websites to give you some ideas of headings for your topics and art categories. And when it comes to arranging your art, you need to ask yourself if you want your pieces displayed by medium, by series, by color, or by some other grouping. This is the architectural blueprint on which all your art will be arranged or “hung.”  I often tell clients to come up with an outline to help them think through the process.


Now I start to develop your website.  I come up with a first draft to show you, and then there’s lots of back and forth conversations between the two of us, and multiple drafts as we hammer out the details.  We decide on fonts, colors, and the factors that will make your site easy to navigate. I will also develop the site so that it is adaptable for mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphones.


Last, I connect your domain name to your site and publish the site to the web.  This effort also includes ensuring that your site is "optimized" for the Web. Your site will be indexed with search engines. I will add keywords and descriptions for each page  of your site so that searches can easily find your website.  I also suggest that you use social media to advertise your site to your audience.

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