Browse through these template websites

See the six template sites below that I especially created for artists.  These templates are easy to navigate and will showcase your art in the best possible way.  If you choose one of these templates we may get your website up a bit faster as there’s already a structure on which we can fit your information and art. All of these sample sites adapt to tablet and mobile devices.

Template #1

I call this an “all in one template” 
the website is on one page. You navigate by gliding down the page to different sections.  You don’t click to turn the pages.  The CV section lists various subject categories (exhibitions, press, teaching) which can be changed according to your needs.


Template #2

The art is arranged in a light box grid for this template. You click on the image for a bigger version, and then hit the “X” to exit the image and get back to the grid.  This saves you the time of constantly hitting the back button to get back to the intended page.  And again, I use the glide method to navigate the site.


Template #3

Some clients like a black background, but it is difficult to read text on this this color.  With this template I put the art (and as you can see, there’s two slide shows) on a black background, but the rest of the website which has mostly text, is on a light (crème or gray) background.


Template #4

This website opens to a gallery of six medium large images.  When you click on the image, you’re taken to that particular gallery where the rest of the art in that gallery is represented by thumbnails at bottom, which you can click on to get a larger image.


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